Extend lifespan to 120 years when medicine becomes better

When the “Life extension medicine” might become available, I want it to extend our lifespan to 120 years instead of 60. Also, there will be a “Life decrease medicine” That decreases your lifespan to 30 years. This will also have a 1% chance of failing and setting your lifespan to 10 years. If you are older than that, you die because of “Failure of medicine” As time goes on, this will happen less and less frequently and lifespans can be increased to up to 240 years! The chance of failure is also 0.01%. Of course, this will be far in the future. You will also get 30% hungrier and 30% more sick. (That includes having 2 viruses at once.) Again, it will get lower and lower as time goes on. This will certainly have a big impact on civilisation and the game. :open_mouth:

Cough… One Hour One Life


What about people can life longer, but are debilitated the older they get. So to live from 60 to 70 you’ll need medicine and a walking stick, but from 70 onwards you’ll need a wheelchair preventing you from moving except very slowly except on floors. After that it just gets increasingly expensive until eventually you need almost constant medical attention, can’t feed yourself and can’t move either unless someone else moves you. Although I guess for a really advanced civilisation with lots of resources and nothing to spend it on could have some two-hour-lifetimers who impart wisdom to the youngsters about what it was like back in ancient times. If you want to go really futuristic we could even have cryo pods that will decrease you’re overall lifespan, but allow you to be stored indefinitely as long as the pod still has power. You would wake up whenever you logged back into the game, assuming you were still able to be revived.


Then there would be me cryo freazing all my babies to apease the snowmen gods :joy:

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