Family & Friends Event this Weekend

I know the reason why Japanese people are born in for “milk weed for English” at the event.

  1. Determine your family line by clicking the forum URL. If you do Never click, you will be born into random family line within 10.
    They didn’t choose “milk weed”, but they chose nothing.

  2. They don’t know the existence of the forum.

When playing at the event, other players asked me questions.
“Why? I be born in random family? I want to play with real friends, but we are family does not become the same.”

"Scroll to the right side of the server selection screen and open the forum.
Clicking the URL there, you can choose a specific family line. " I taught so him.
He gladly said “Forum, I didn’t know!”
I’m bitter about that.
Detail protrude from the default display area on the server selection screen, so some people do not know the forum.

イベントで日本人が英語用milk weedに産まれてしまった原因を知っています。

  1. フォーラムのURLをクリックして家系を決定する。1度もクリックしないと10の内、ランダムな家系に産まれる。彼らはmilk weedを選んだのでは無い。何も選ばなかった。

  2. 彼らはそもそもフォーラムの存在を知らない



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Thank you. I think you are correct about the problem.
It’s not so clear how to fix it though. Should we only allow access to the events to people who have read the instructions and clicked a link? That might be too much of an obstacle, or what do you think?

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Perhaps you could add an arrow at the end of the server title. Or make the server selection screen default to landscape orientation so that all information is visible. Then once ingame it will allow you to rotate into vertical if the player chooses. Also you could add a button on the main page that says “Forum” in big letters. Just a couple suggestions, hope it helps.

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I have two ideas for a similar event.
I think, No.1 is that existing making can be used.
It wrong?

  1. The random family line and 10 family lines.
    If they do Never click, they will be born into random family line, but it family line within 1.
    Besides, as well as giving to youtuber, prepare 10 familie line, that cannot be born unless we press the URL.
    If you also tell we the URL to the random family line, I and other people occasionally go to that family and inform them of the existence of the forum.

  2. By language setting, for English team, for Japanese team to separate.
    This isn’t good. Select French? Select Chinese?

To inform the existence of the forum … Ummmmu.
I know that there are many people who don’t read announcements outside the game.
Some people even who don’t read announcements in the game. :frowning:
It is a difficult problem.


  1. ランダムな1つの家系と、10の家系

  2. 使用言語でチームを英語チーム日本語チーム分ける









How do you feel about restricting language by respective servers. ex; In a US server, we can use English only. In a JP server, we can use Japanese only. It seems to work not only for events but also for usual playing.


Too blunt instrument though. The servers in the US would need to support all local national languages at least, including Spanish, Portuguese and French, in addition to English.

Need to think a bit more on this…
(more ideas are very welcome)


I think limiting the access to the event servers to only those who have read and followed the instructions is completely fine, because events get complicated when there are many players who go to the event server without reading the instructions. There will be less people in the event servers, but the event servers tend to be overcrowded, so it won’t become a problem. People who do not want to read the instructions still can play in normal servers as usual.
And it would be perfect if you could add the event instructions or a link to the instructions in the game, like @matcha_powder suggested.


I agree with this. The event servers are not about simply surviving. Each event comes with a mission or task that everyone has to be on the same page about. Even if we speak different languages, if we all read the same instructions you will still be working towards the same goal.

My suggestion is the first time a user clicks on the event server it automatically takes them to the event page. Maybe by resizing the forum link hitbox so that it overlays the whole event server clickable area. This way the act of selecting the event server forces the player to at least view the forum post. Then after they have made it to the bottom of the post a link back to the app will reset the server button back to normal. This would not only make it clear to everyone what is required for an event, but would also inform a lot more users about the existence of this forum.

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First thought is that this idea is worth trying out. Good thinking, guys!

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As for the unintentional language mix-ups, a clear explanation that the regular rule on the language setting and family languages does not apply to the event seems to be necessary to avoid the same issue in similar events. Additional warnings on the lists of links may also be effective.


I think the language problem is still a problem. I took some screenshots of my first couple minutes on team milkweed(english)


Please dont minde my english is not perfect (no jap)
I played this game all day i was in milkweed. I like the family idea more then the normal game.

I started the first farm in this town.

Then i made a sheep farm.

And a house.

I find this game very hard im not talking about people who cant play the game cause im noob my self but every hour a griver kills all sheep or destroys ur stuff like here.

I dont think we can build a society that works if there are no consequences to anti social behaviour. Maybe just a kick vote function would be nice. Or let players reward other players for good behaviour. So we can see if someone is good or bad.

Anyway Love u all byee


As someone who has been here since the beginning I would personally like to welcome you. I saw you building the adobe building, nice work. Don’t worry too much about your English. In my opinion if you try your best, we can’t ask for anything more and hope you improve with time. I show this respect as I would hope it would be shone to me in the languages that I struggle with. As for your concern with bad players, I would like to invite you to join the conversation we are having here:


Chiko’s Theory sounded very plausible to me, so this time we made it so Japanese players who have not clicked a link, will randomly be assigned only to the Japanese families.
Clearly this did not help, so the theory was not the whole truth.
We will need to continue to think about alternative solutions…


Your suggestion, that it is too blunt an instrument, to force Japanese players to click Japanese links or servers, is flawed. If English isn’t set as the primary language for the English groups/servers then they shouldn’t be playing there. If Japanese isn’t set as the primary language for Japanese servers/links, then ppl shouldn’t be playing there. It’s simple and effective. I just don’t understand your reluctance to do something concrete about this.

I also noticed, in the App Store description of the game, there is no mention of the forum. Does Apple prevent you from mentioning or linking to it? There is nothing preventing you from mentioning or linking to it once in game though. The “get born” screen should, perhaps make mention of the forum. Or, clicking the special event should, perhaps, redirect to the forum links to choose a family/language to play in and assign people accordingly.


@BadKat There is no reluctance on our part to do something about it. Likewise we have no reluctance to bring an end to all wars and world hunger. That doesn’t mean that we can easily bring it about.
We are happy to hear suggestions and feedback, but when you appoint yourself to the position of deciding our motivations or lack thereof, then, respectfully, you are out of line.

It’s easy to state that solutions are simple, but we work with this every day, and know that they are not.

This time, there were good ideas in the forum discussions and we implemented those. They failed, so it’s time for more good ideas.


I’m finding it tiresome that you take such offense at someone expressing an opinion. I’m out of line @Christoffer? Really? You’ve specifically said that making spawns to servers/events language specific is “too blunt an instrument”. Many people see it as the best solution. Please expand, so we may better understand why it is too blunt an instrument.

Also, thanks for ignoring the fact that I included suggestions. :roll_eyes:

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Opinions can also be offensive.

This is offensive to us developers, because not only do we care, we also work hard to improve things.

Most of your post are constructive though, I’ll give you that and chalk this quote up to disappointment. Let’s move on, shall we?