Family & Friends Event this Weekend

In the event this weekend, you will be able to select which family line you want to be born into. You can decide together with friends or real family members and then be guaranteed to become game family members, so you can collaborate to build a nice city together.

How to chose a family? This is done by clicking a special link (using your playing device). It will start the app and provide it with information about your choice.

Before the event starts, we will publish a number of family links that you can all choose from. We will also reach out to some youtubers and offer them the opportunity to register their own families for them and their subscribers. We will not post the links to their families, but leave it to them to decide how to invite players.

The event will also enable a new beta version of the Family Ties feature (formerly called Observer Mode).

You will need the upcoming app version 1.4.1 to pick a family. It’s coming soon.

Japanese version:


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#team milkweed

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I made a public storage open to all.

You can get to it by following the road going furthest east on team milkweeds spawn. I strongly encourage a “bring your own rope” policy since I feel a little lazy. Discover why it’s a bad reason to build your home in a desert! Who knows, since another team isn’t too far from it it could be a center for diplomacy. I haven’t figured out what their name is yet though lol. #team milkweed

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I found your warehouse. I finished it and filled it with milkweed, string and rope. I also built a milkweed farm at the bottom of the green area south of the warehouse. The town has since died and I couldn’t find it again. I have become a loyal farmer to the God of Milkweed.

#Team milkweed


Actually, while playing on the English server (milkweed team) I heard a bell like 2 times but the home marker wouldn’t change. One of these teams got a bell tower (I assume it’s Onion) so they have got better tech.

SO nice to see the huge volume of Japanese players on milkweed! Not.

Why? WHY are they flocking to the English servers?


If you check out the Japanese family links they spawn you to a different team milkweed. From my estimate there a total of 10 families (5 English and 5 Japanese) not including the private youtuber families. The only way for a Japanese person to spawn to an English family is for them to use the English link as well as having their language set to English. The Japanese have to go out of their way to play in English families for this event. Now I could be completely wrong this is just an observation (mods please verify).

@LavishFox everytime I’ve joined the US server Milkweed I’m born into a Japanese only speaking family.

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I know it happens to me too, but I have played around with settings and links. Try using the Japanese links with both language settings set to English. You will be an eve every time. As soon as you set it to Japanese(日本語). You are born to a huge city. It works the same way in reverse for them. In order for them to be there in the first place, they have to be trying to be there.

There are a few misunderstandings in this topic.

Lavish is correct when it comes to normal game servers, but the event server follows different rules that are determined by the event type.

Milkweed is not the name of a server - it’s one out of 10 public families for this weekend’s event. There is only one event server for everyone.

I thought that players would pick the most native sounding name of a family, but it looks like there were exceptions. We can’t make changes while the event is running, but we can change things for future events.

As I am writing this, only one of the English family names have players. You can pick one of the others to move there instead of you like. There are no limits to how many times you can switch family in this weeks event.

Hope this helps.


All I see, for joining, is the links you posted in the event thread. English links and Japanese links. No family names. And, yes, I updated to the latest version.

There is a very real problem here, from the Japanese choosing to spawn on a US server while refusing to interact with other players on that server to, as our dear @alec_ohol chose to post in his/her rant today, a superiority complex being displayed by some, not all, Japanese players who encounter English players.

The family names are right in front of their respective links. To join family Burdock, you click the Burdock link, and so on.

So… then it’s deliberately designed to mix English and Japanese families? One picks English milkweed, as an example, and they are born into an English speaking family. However, the English milkweed and Japanese milkweed families spawn in the same areas? Is that right? I’m just trying to understand.

No, there are ten families, not five. Every link is to a unique family.

I understand there are ten families. Five in each language. What I’m trying to understand is why there is a mix of players in the same area.
English milkweed family name is supposed to spawn separate, by distance, from the Japanese milkweed families?

Yes, all ten spawn separately. Sometimes eves spawn close to a previous civ though, as in the normal game.
But I think some Japanese players picked the English sounding names, possibly because we reused team names from earlier events. Miscalculation on my part, as I hadn’t expected that. Will do it differently next time.


I had a child today who demanded that I speak Japanese. And when I told him no. He told me to go off and die. Then he suicided. Before that in the same town I was screened with the question “Jp or En”. I look around and noticed that everyone was speaking Japanese so I responded “jp” and she set me on the bearskin rug. I worded out hello in Japanese 1 letter at a time. My brother was born about then. Our mother presented him with the same question. He answered “En”. Then she quickly set him down, fed me and stabbed him. She then asked another person to feed me until she could. I witnessed her and others do this at least 3 more times.

Yeah. I have seen this before. I got stabbed like twice already for telling my true language. The situation between English players and Japanese players is getting kinda racist.

@BlueBird it’s a territory war lol. I’ve played war with a group before.