Family Traits 🧬

Maybe add a new feature to game called Family Traits :dna: . In the game each new Eve would have the option receive a trait exclusive to their family ( could be either helpful or have an adverse effect ) based on where they spawned and where they are currently residing. Each child born to that family would have a 75% chance of getting each trait.Every 4 generations the family will have the option to receive another trait. Families can have 3 traits max, after getting all 3 traits the Eve ( if the Eve isn’t alive the vote goes to the eldest of the family )may choose to switch out 1 of the traits for another or to discard it. Those still alive after / before new trait is added will not revive a change or additional trait only applies to newborns. When selecting a trait only 2 of all possible traits will be shown on the selection screen.

Note - Each trait has 2 versions 1 with a disadvantage and 1 without

Trait Ideas :bulb:

  1. Cold Resistant :cold_face:

Given to Eves that spawn in Arctic Biome

Increases overall temp. in cold environments for 10 min before lowering down to normal.Takes 5 min to reset.

Cold resistant V.2 :cold_face:

Uses same concept except time is cut in half - 5 min of normal temp & 7 min reset

  1. Faster Walk Speed :running_man:

Given to Eves who spawn in Badland Biome.

Increases walk speed by 15% while in badlands.

Faster walk speed V.2 :running_man:

Instead of 15% it’s 7%

  1. Mosquito spotter :mosquito:

Given to Eves who spawn in Jungle biome

All mosquito swarms appear bright red to family members.

Mosquito Spotter V.2 :mosquito:

Instead of bright red mosquitos appear to be a darker red.

  1. Green Thumb :woman_farmer:

Given to Eves who spawn or live in Grassland Biome.

Faster growth of plants

Green Thumb V2 :woman_farmer:

Plants take slightly longer to grow- but still faster than normal

  1. Rabbits :rabbit:

Given to Eves who spawn in desert Biome.

Rabbits respawn faster than normal.

Rabbits V2 :rabbit:

Slightly less fast than v1

6.Master Hunter :boar:

Given to families with more than 6 arrows in their possession.

10% faster walk speed around Boars, Wolfs,Bears,and Mouflon.

Master Hunter V2 :boar:

Trait only active around Wolfs and Bears.

  1. Fire Spirit :fire:

Given to Families how have started a fire at least 3 times.

Fire lasts 15 seconds longer than usual.

Fire Spirit V2 :fire:

Fire only lasts 10 seconds longer than usual.

Anyways this is all just an idea. Hopefully it gets added into the game :upside_down_face:. Feel free to make any changes u feel necessary @Christoffer


I like the idea of having traits in the game but some of the traits youve suggested would cause issues within the game. For example the rabit and farming timers could potentially break the gameplay.
So normaly rabbits take 1 hour to respawn but lets say the trait rduces it by 10 mins. Now lets say that the trait is only usable in the area around an eve. So that would make the rabbits take fifty minutes to respawn. Thats great. But what if another eve was there or two more how about three? Ive seen 4 eves spawn in the same spot by complete randomness before.

So i dont think timer based bonuse would be good. But i like the idea of faster walk speeds or reduced hunger rate. Maybe increased food returns or traits that let you carry heavy objects like boulders at normal speed. Or even a trait where you dont get the murderer cool down.

Also i personally think it would be better if the eve could pick a trait but then it was up to chance if the children inherited the trait, mutated a difreant trait, lost a trait, or inherited and mutated a difreant trait.

After many generations you could end up with family traits such as longer life, less hunger, and more food gained from eating.
But there could also be bad traits. Like 10% slower movement, longer killing cooldowns, 5% colder and bypassing the peace lilly.

If racial traits (avatars) were added in to the mix then it would make every family truley unique and would spice up the game play in effective and interesting ways.


I totally agree with ur timer thing. Also great suggestions they seem like they would fit into the game very well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Basically genes?

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Yup pretty much :blush:

hihi i could finally carry those rocky boulders without any problems :wink: or even stack flatrocks and carry them.

so i guess it would be interesting if strength would increase by generation. like an eve can only have 25% of this strength – 2. generation has 50% strength – 3. generation has 75% and 4. generation has 100% strength.