Family tree Idea

So I have an idea for th family tree in one post @Christoffer said that it’s cool that you can see your famyly tree and see who they were.

My idea is expanding that family tree i don’t know how this would work in the full release but in the beta it would be cool that you can see their forum’s name so you could teach them talk abaut that life and learn from others. You would have an option to thurn this off i you don’t want it.

That is my Idea. I think that it would be a great For the beta.

You tell me in the replies :smile:

yall are dissmissed

I requested once to Jason that made our names, our unique user name. That way you know ho is ho, and killers get punished at birth.
He sed no, because the reincarnation process. A killer could be the greatest farmer in the next live…

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Yeah your right and meaby he killed a killer