Family Van Evenstein

Hey, since my place got kinda crowded and a couple of ppl made their lily marker there i created a discord. If ur 1 of them let me know so i can add u :wink: (sry if it takes some time and im kinda new to discord soooo… yea. But maybe it’ll help coordinating some stuff and prevent the place from despawning when im nit able to join for a while again :x)Processing: Screenshot_20230912_214030_YouAreHope.jpg…


Penelope! Your town is still standing?!
Pinewoods v1 decayed when I went on vacation almost a year ago, but pinewoods v2 is standing, same spot. Would love to see your current town, mind sharing some screenshots?

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Same spot, different build, v1 also despawned when i couldnt join for a while bc of work. Imma try to remember taking some screenshots when i play the next round

Everytime some1 tells me how awesome my place is i ask if they’ve seen urs :smiley: is v2 that huge and advanced again?

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oh wow @PenelopeVanEvenstein long time no see. am i right, you were playing on eu-2 as we built together valhalla? the city that belonged to namikaze and i think sorah(zero) was also with us. so nice to see you are still playing :star_struck:

ps.: i was Heidi van Bergen

Rn its just one big house with unfinished walls :smiley:


It’s very very different now, I optimised some locations xD

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