Farming help

So whenever i get born into a village i see these big patches of gooseberry plants, except theres no room in the middle to say: Collect berries, lay down compost/waterbuckets making the whole farming process take longer then necessary. So ill try to make a blank wood path every two gooseberry bushes for efficiency sake. however in the middle of getting up the gooseberry bushes ill have people put soil on the ones im trying to dig up, take the stakes off the bushes, and just in general be a nuisance. I wanna help and make it easier to resoil and water these plants. Hell, ill even make the rows longer to compensate for the bushes in shoveling, but it takes almost a lifetime just to get everything nice and proper. So should i just make a bush farm off to the side? Or is there a better way of stopping people from interfering?

P.S.: and yes i have tried talking to them but people forget pretty easily and go on autopilot mode, especially the new people that dont know whats going on.


I don’t have any answers but I can commiserate with you. I will say it doesn’t make sense to plant a farm far away from where it’s needed.

Yesterday I had done all the work myself; gathered soil, tilled it and was ready to plant wheat near the baking kiln (so we could make pie and everyone would stop eating all the heckin berries). I had to go far away to get the seeds and by the time I got back someone had planted milkweed. I had to start all over and it took about 5 extra minutes off my life and I began having children making it even more of a chore.

I don’t understand what goes through people’s minds… like did you consider that maybe someone else was working on something? I explained it to the person who planted the milkweed and he did end up helping with the wheat after that. Doesn’t matter at that point though, my time was already wasted.

I just want to remind everyone if it’s not yours leave it alone! If you don’t know what is going on or what to do then ask someone, go start your own project, or if you want to help with a task ask the person working on it how you can help. Don’t assume and don’t interfere.

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