Farming soil saving tehnique

So today I lived a full life in the chella famyly in eu server.

When I asked my self.

Wait you can refill farm tiles with a bowl o soil.

What happens if you use a hoe on a peace of soil and boom.

With a 1/3 of soil I made a farm plot.
You couldnt plant on it yet because its not full so i hoed it again and I got a reguler farm plot.

So in future I recommend to everyone to use this tehnique.
(With a bucket pick up soil from soil deposit then with a bowl pick up a peace of soil and put it ond the ground and hoe it 2 times.)

You lose hoes faster but you get three time more soil.

It me that saunds like it is worth it because farms run out of soil every generatin

Congratulations. You just upgraded to lvl 2 farmer…


More details:
1 basket = 3 bowls of soil

1 bowl + 2 x hoe or skewer => deep tilled row
2 bowls + 1 x hoe or skewer => deep tilled row
1 basket + 1 x hoe or skewer => deep tilled row

So if you have a bowl, you can save soil even if you don’t use the hoe twice.
If you use a hoe, you will use up milkweed and if you use a skewer you will use up saplings. I generally think that in early game soil is more plentiful than milkweed and saplings, so I prefer using two bowls of soil and only till once.
It depends on the situation though.

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K tnx a lot

I alway use one whole basket i. Begining because milkweed hard to find already plus you more likely break all your hoes before you do a milkweed farm plus there is aleays ton of soil when starting out . it bad enough it takes 4 milk weed to make a rope.have you really seen a milkweed farm kept up it hard as hell because the camp will just go raid it and not re grow what they takeit worse then carrot farming. I usually get a 4 by 8 tile of milk weed and i be gone helping carot faem since i am done with milk weed and what u know they killed everything but one milkweed. Even why i die of old age and have to respawn as a kid. I have go check my plot first bedore doing carrots which are usually gone by then.
In my opinion if you have time to take milkweed you have time to replant and water the same amount you took or maybe extra 4 on top what you have taken.
Btw you can regrow sapling by using a flint on a sapling. it good to have a stash of them ready just incase all milkweed disappeares and the last hoe broke.

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Sorry for crappy spelling just woke up

I think i was playing with you that game! You thought me how to do it! Thanks alot!

Yeah the clints i think was the name i was the main farmer

You wanna play?

Sure give me few minutes to wake up. I was playong till 2 am last night so i still bit tired sometime i pull an all nighter

Guys we should all set a time to go on the same server together and build the BIGGEST TOWN YET whos in

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Deal,but when

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Let’s get more people involved and choose a time based on majority what do you say?

Ok but shuld we make a topic abaut that

Okay you do that and whoever is in replies DEAL

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Ok did it