I would like some sort of marriage system and after it displays a certain person aka the boy who got married as a child’s father so I came up with this suggestion that allows that and it sorta puts more purpose into the roll play side of the game all you need is a wedding ring and flowers plus the other person has to agree perks to this for boys include: ability to put baby in a backpack and carry around the backpack can also be fused with a bottle for a feeding supply these children can stay in a backpack til 5 the only downside to this is the feeders have 10 years of usage before refill and the rings are made with rare resource like gold perks for girls is that they don’t have to take care of there children and give the responsibilities to the boys or keep it in a backpack also this may allow the adoption of kids in a similar matter this could get an annoying amount of baby’s off your back while you work and give them to someone else

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