Feedback 2

I want to write about some things that are probably bugs and also write some suggestions.

  1. Write in the manual steel adze + wood floor = boards, but I could not do it. (I tried in the previous update)
  2. When I slide my finger up from the player’s body, he takes off his clothes, but only the hat I can not remove, and it happened several times.
  3. I had a field of gooseberries with one fruit in each and even more than half an hour later they did not grow up, only after I took the last one and replanted it.
  4. In the next picture, as you can see, I got stuck, unable to move. It happened after I stood on boards and built a box.

  5. If I am riding a trained horse and not tying it to the fence then it runs away, the problem is that it is hard to catch it because it is fast and until you reach and slide up it is running away again, the suggestion is that it will not run away or slower.
  6. I noticed that baskets of carts and clothes wear off in less than 12 hours, (maybe I’m wrong) I think the time should be extended

-my phone: Xiaomi mi 5, Android 7.0-

I might be able to answer a couple of your concerns.
1 - This is definitely a bug. The admin is currently looking into it.

2 - Your finger needs to start on the article of clothing that you are trying to remove. Works better when zoomed in.

3 - Only wild gooseberrys regrow automatically. Domestic bushes will remain in the same state indefinitely. Unless empty then it will die if you don’t add dirt and water.

4 - I don’t have and answer I never encountered this.

5 - If a horse is not tied up or being controlled by the player it will wander around. This is normal. It will move in a predictable manner. He runs about 6-10 tiles then stops. Then repeats in a random direction. If you stand in one spot and don’t move the horse will eventually come back to you.

6 - Each item in the game has a decay timer. Some items don’t expire like a pie or sharp stone. Other items have extremely short timers like gooseberries or wheat seeds. Clothes and baskets last only a couple lives. I couldn’t find the reference to give an exact time.

Hope this helps.


Great answers by LavishFox. I can add this:

  1. The bugfix is ready and will be in the next update.
  2. Here you have surrounded yourself with blocking, un-pickable items (same as walls), so it is correct behavior that you cannot move in any direction.
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Thanks for the information, very helpful

With regards to not being able to move - I experience a “bug” kind of situation simarlarly with placing fences. If I’m on the tile where I place a fence (east west) I stay on the same tile with the fence. If I try to select a tile down or to the right/left I move and rubber band back to where I started

The game seems to bug out as it thinks I’m moving through the fence. I always have to go up first then go around the fence.

No big problem but should be an easy fix for the character to find a path around the fence you are standing on instead of just rubber banding

Another ?bug is you can’t pick up a bowl of sterilised cotton swabs. You also can’t put the individual swabs in your backpack and of course if they go in the ground hey get dirty and you need to resterilise them.

Therefore you can’t move he bowl of pads anywhere easily. Don’t know if this is the same in the pc version or if it is a bug?

Yeah, the bowl isn’t a real container object, so you can’t pick it up like with the basket. Tapping it is defined as picking one of the pads up.

A basket of soil is also special in a similar way. You can’t put it down with the soil in it, because the drop action will put only the soil on the ground.

There is a trick you can use with these types of objects though: if you hold an item and swap it with the bowl of swabs, you will pick up the whole bowl. Similarly if you hold a basket of soil (or bones) and swap with an item on the ground, you will put down the basket without spilling its contents.

Would love a clay vessel (because they last longer) to hold seeds.