I think this is a beautiful game, the intent behind what it is ment to be is very unique. To have people playing together and try to mimic real life by having every new player that joins become a kid to another in an endless cycle of rebirth and death.

That was the idea behind this originally and I like to think that the many months dueldecade has spent developing this game on mobile had really made it their own game in their own right.

However ever since the mess with Jason I couldn’t help but notice that people have been forcibly tieing this into his work OHOL at every chance they get. I think this has ultimately been reducing the number of players that play YAH and has split both fan bases apart so much so that no one has any idea how to communicate with one another anymore without blasting our opinions at one another.

I have my own opinion on this, I think Jason was in the wrong. That is all I’m going to say however. It was all a huge mess, I think everyone can agree with that.

Both games are now unique enough in their own ways that I think they can no longer be designated as one just being better than the other.

I believe that there is an inherent issue across both games that may never be able to be worked out.

There is never any true reward. You may build up any area that you wish to but ultimately if that servers gone, if that areas erased, if people steal vital resources or actively attempt to waste others time. It will all amount to next to nothing but a bunch of wasted time. All I can really say I’ve gained throughout my few years of playing. Is that I memorized a majority of the basic recipes and how to set up everything efficiently.

To find a good area to settle in and get as quickly to a horse cart as possible and set up a large maple tree farm while designating an areas for farming, a cow pen and a sheeps pen.

I think the biggest draw for solo play is that everything you make is ultimately your own. Everyone wants to own something that they worked for. Otherwise it just becomes work. That’s not fun.

What I think both games lack is some currency, $$$ mullah dinero cash money. I want something to invest into other than investing my time. I want to be able to do ridiculous stuff. Unlock a trait that let’s me shoot 3 arrows at once with a bow and instant kill a bear. Spend some soul coins to even give me a mild advantage over others. SOMETHING! I walk twice as fast! Horses I ride move twice as fast! Where the heck are guns? Give me an old revolver and I’ll put 6 bullets into a griefer. Give me a noose and a jail cell so I can pretend to be a sheriff and lock up a criminal and when they’re time has come I put them up in the town’s square. Give me a reason to interact with others, a skill they have that I cant get. I want a reason to be dependent on others in this game. So I dont have to be alone, so I can know who I’m playing with, so I can actually make friends. I want a base town to live in that no one can destroy and I can always rely on to give me the basic necessitys.

Maybe I went a little too far as to suggest scrapping the game and starting over, I would miss this if it was gone honestly.

And with that I do have to say, this is another goodbye to this game for now. I hope you all do well!


Hey @Shnappers thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your critique as a long time player. I was always fascinated when seeing one of your towns in game. Thanks for sticking around this whole time.

Cheers, Heidi

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Heyo @Maengish I’m sorry to disappoint you. I just really couldn’t bring myself to rebuild again.

Here are my ideas a little more fleshed out about what I think the game needs.

  1. Instead of spawning at random eves are spawned at “town plots”.

  2. Town plots are areas where players can invest resources to grow the town. Those contributions amounting in the form of a currency a player gets. Such as soul coins.

  3. Nothing can be built inside the town plot except automatically by the town plot within it’s own zone.

  4. Players can buy resources from the town plot at the expense of soul coins at probably twice the rate as they drop them off.

I think this would give players more of a meeting grounds between other players and minimize the risk of griefing or a series of players not knowing what they’re doing ruining a civilization.


@Shnappers after playing YAH for a couple of months, I bought access to OHOL both is amazing games :ok_hand: I quickly turned back to YAH though, mainly because I like the early settlements, but also because I found the ability slot system annoying. I enjoy to play with other players, but I also like solo playing, which that system makes impossible to do :thinking:



Solo play would still be possible, I’m saying everything in the context that it is just added to the game. Nothing about it right now has to inherently be removed. Rebirth should still exist and you can make whatever outside of the town plot.


@Shnappers Oh, that would be cool :grin::+1:


Interesting thoughts, @Shnappers. I have often thought that it would be nice to break the mold and be able to create more freely than what the current game systems allow. We did something like that with the trained dogs, but that was terribly expensive in terms of development time. The water features were also pretty work intense.

Hope to see you again some time down the line, even if you have decided to take a break now.


Here some ideas and thoughts to @Shnappers feedback.

There could be more social interactions.

For now there is nursing babies and giving them clothes, feeding people, killing people and bury the dead. Also there are the gestures.

But sometimes you want to hug someone or give them a high-five when they are helping you. Just showing them some love, when they do great.

Like the trees have to be watered in multiple generations, there is more stuff in game you could do together. Like carry the heavy stones together.

Sometimes as baby i lead my mom to an unfinished bell tower, so she can help me lift the heavy stones and make a new row to the bell tower.

Or destroying walls. When you want to change a wall, there has to be an other player helping you on the other side of the wall.

There could be different rewards

  • level system with experience or honour points
  • agility or stamina to do things faster
  • extra material and resources
  • legendary items to use
  • items to decorate your place
  • special abilities
  • villagers for your town
  • boss fights

That is a good example for a legendary item.

That is a good example for a special ability.

Sometimes i choose a difficult place to start a camp to see if it’s possible to survive there. It’s a bit like playing the game on a increased difficulty. But at the end it always comes down to the resources you have around you.

Currency is a hard thing to balance in games. Also there is a limited amount of resources, which makes money worthless over time.

I like the idea of «town plots». It’s like a safe zone where you can chat with others. There could be vendors selling you stuff. Or there could be an exchange system. You leave something there and you get currency. And you take something with you it decreases your money.

For now the game is based on reality. But it could be based on fiction. Like riding bears :wink: I’m not sure if i would enjoy it the same way, when it gets fictional. But why not?

I was thinking about that a lot.

Like an european update or implementing different cultures: netherland bicycles, swiss cheese, belgian waffles, italien wine, french baguette, spanish olives etc.

Or giving the game a theme like: pirates, vikings, roman empire, celtics, kingdoms, knights, majas, mafia, cowboys & indians, samurais, sports or even futuristic.

Or more fictional like: witches, wizards, elves, gnomes, dragons etc.