Finding Eve partner in europe-2 server

Does any “Eve” want to play together? My town has all the basics already, and I’m trying to find a gold mine to make a bell. Eve players are welcome to join and let’s try to make steam car & radios together :slight_smile:


Sure I would love to :slight_smile:

Hey. I was born to you, and I died too. I could have helped ya too, by doing the risky stuff for ya. Next time we meet, I’ll let you know. Oh by the way Drop by the Fellowship forums on Discord. I’m there.
Btw, I got a picture of me as the baby. It’s on discord

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Looks lovely so far!

We add each other on facebook, Wry Wayne, my user name, and talk about a time that you can come.

Sure! That would be nice. Sorry that I don’t raise strangers:sweat_smile:
We can add each other on facebook and talk about a time when I can ring the bell and you can come. Wry Wayne, my user name.