First time playing OHOL mobile

My first time was interesting, I was born in a village. It was pretty big and had 3 women and two older kids, one was my big sister who died before I knew her, there was a bear that attacked the village while I scavenged. And when I returned, the queen had died, the only survivors now were me and my brother. We soon figured out that no women were coming, I left to find other settlements. And did, however old age got to me before I could do much.

(This was all from mobile)

As for my brother I assumed he passed away peacefully.

Seems like an interesting story.
Also if you didn’t know , this forum is only for mobile so you really don’t need to specify it hehe.

Since you’re new you can play with us if you want. We’ll also teach you more things.

Just add me on dicord Yukino#1322

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Cool story. I’m sure that settlements seem to be getting more and more advanced recently, which is good. Once I would have counted myself lucky to be born into a village with a berry farm let alone smithing equipment, but now it’s relatively common for me.

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