Fix the sheep pen or enlarge it

Often time, the sheep pen have some problems like it’s too small or the berry bush is dead make it less beautiful. Or maybe you want to add box or make it larger. But when we try to fix it, the sheep can get out and run away, we have to kill the run away sheep.

But I have trick to fix this situation.

First, we fed the sheep until it has wool and then we shear them but don’t take the wool from them, the sheep will stay and not running around. Second, we fill the pen with an object until it full and immobilized the mouflon. After all of them completely immobilized, now we can edit our stall without worried they run away. But we should still be careful, don’t edit the place near one the mouflon or it will run away.

Sorry for my bad English. I hope you found this useful.


The ram?

It’s a mouflon

I hate expanding the sheep pens because people will get in the way while your working on it or acuse you of being a greifer for removing pieces even if your combining two pens that you’ve built yourself.

Question how do u keep the sheep and mouflon from running away while opening the gate this includes the lambs. It is my first time having sheep and a pen.

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