[fixed] Curse System don't work 呪いシステムが無効状態




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Curse system don’t work right now.

  • B1 B2 … all reset.
  • Curse button is disabled. we can’t ban griefers.
    (confirmed at japan-1, jp-begginer)

Now Youarehope is paradise for griefers.

I gave up to play YourHope today.
Hoping to be fixed soon.

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Thanks for reporting

Curse button refresh has a cool down, how long was it since the last time you used it? Is it disabled for all players?

Thank you for replying.

Curse button is disabled for all player. It even don’t come up to screen.
I asked for other player in many village, everyone has same problem.

The last time I used the button… maybe 3 or 4 days ago.
today, i played more than an hour after griefers slaughter which i couldn’t curse. Now still can’t use curse button.


Ok I have confirmed there’s a problem and reported to the team. We’ll fix it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for the report.

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Hello, the issue has been fixed. Sorry again for the inconvenience and please report if there’s anymore issues. Have a nice day :heart:


Thank you, great! :kissing_heart:

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