Fixed ID

I am a Korean user.
난 한국유저야

I think this game needs have fixed ID.(users own ID. One player have one ID each, like google palygame Account)
이 게임은 고정 아이디가 필요한것같아(구글 플레이게임 계정같은 한사랑 당 하나만 가지는 유저 고유 아이디)

And this ID can seen when character is touched in game or in Familytree page.
그리고 이 아이디는 게임 안 혹은 가계도 에서 캐릭터를 누르면 볼 수 있어
Maybe Familytree is better way then In game, and can we curse others through familytree.
아마 가계도쪽이 게임 안에서 보는것 보다 더 좋은 방법이라고 생각해, 가계도에서도 저주를 할 수 있다면.

We must be responsible for our own behavior.
우린 우리 행동에 책임을 져야해.

Anonymity is causing harms to innocented player
익명성이 무고한 유저들을 피해자로 만들어.

This game is not to find a thief.
이건 도둑잡기 게임이 아냐.

Why should we find the same griefer every time?
왜 우리는 같은 그리퍼를 매번 찾아내야해?

Due to this family members doubt each other and sometimes fight, Because of griefer is hiding under aninymity.
이거때문에 가족 구성원들은 서로를 의심하고 때론 싸워. 그리퍼가 익명성 뒤에 숨어서.

Some people delete the game for this reason.
어떤 사람들은 이거때문에 게임을 지우기도해.
이건 진짜 진짜 큰문제야.

Useing fixed ID will exclude the griefer.
고정된 아이디는 그리퍼를 밝힐 수 있을거야

Even if fixed ID is displayed, it is enough to enjoy TRPG play.
고정된 아이디가 노출되어도 TRPG 플레이를 즐길 수 있어

Of course, someone will use this system wrongly (griefer is beyond our’s imagination all the time :(…)
물론 누군가는 이걸 악용하겠지(그리퍼는 언제나 우리의 상상을 뛰어넘어:( … )

But everyone is watching. After all, they can’t hide the truth.
하지만 모두가 보고있고 진실로부터 숨을수 없지.

They don’t have right to play game with the good player.
그들은 선량한 유저와 플레이할 자격이 없어.

They must played by theyselves in the donkey town.
그들은 반드시 그들끼리 동키타운에서 놀아야해.

Even if griefers attack other villages separate them from the good players.
걔들이 거기서 마을을 만들어 선량한 유저들을 공격해 와도 말야.

I know that your team is doing best to make changes in game. However, personally recent updates are not what really the players want.
난 너희가 이게임을 바꾸기위하 최선을 다하는걸 알아. 하지만 최근 업데이트들은 유저들이 정말로 원하는 방향은 아니지.

I am so sad that due to this unwanted updates some players leave the village or even delete the game.
난 이런 달갑지 않은 업데이트 때문에 사람들이 마을을 버리거나 게임을 지우는기 안타까워

Please consider my report.
내 이야기를 심사숙고해주길 바라…

Thank you.


Yes this is really problem They use a chain system to stay in town and destroy.

If the Dual Decade doesn’t change, more people will leave.

My beloved daughter also left because of them.


The idea of an ID is a good one. Most players who want to help a community shouldn’t mine having an ID. That would help identify if someone is griefing a lot.
Sometimes things happen by accident or miscommunication, these could be overlooked. Griefers have patterns and having an ID would reveal them easier.
It seems too easy to grief without consequence, IDs could help with that. Not saying remove them from the game just move them away from peaceful communities.


Jason and Christopher are different people, but this game is a family game. Even if a child is born, it depends on the heart of the person who wants to raise the child. I think it’s bad if you make it for the purpose of enhancing your friends’ play.

I know it’s hard but I hope I can find a better way.:blush:

ジェームズとクリストファーは異なる人々ですが、このゲームは家族のゲームです。 たとえ子供が生まれたとしても、子供を育てたい人の心にかかっています。 友だちのプレイを強化する目的で作成したのは悪いことだと思います。

What about the option to play with or without ID? A choice in the settings, with the default ‘Play Anonymously’ or ‘Play with ID’

We must find a way not to raise Griffin. If I can find Griffin who hurt the village in advance, I can make the game more enjoyable.