Flat rock transport +

So I’ve noticed that as your town gets larger - the main focus of the town is to decorate it (at least for me) which gets challenging due to the scarce resources around your town.
So I usually have to travel approx. 10min (5 min back & forth) just for FOUR flat rocks :frowning:

So I thought it would be WONDERFUL if we could either

  1. be able to carry flat rocks in a bag
  • if this is a bit too unrealistic, perhaps we could use a chisel to halve the flat rock & carry half in our backpacks (kinda like the rocks)
  • wider variety of walls would be great! - even just using the items we already have
    i.e. wooden boards, flat rocks, gold? (perhaps 4 golds could be used for a golden wall or stone?) && WIDER RANGE OF PAINT!!!

Thank you :slight_smile:


totally agree with u!
wish we can carry more big things than 4…:pleading_face:
as the town gets developed, ppl need to travel further and further to get resources that cannot be produced like rocks, flat rocks, clay, ore…

Ya but if you split the rock in half you can put them together with plaster
And the plaster bowl Would have 5 uses for this

Thanks for the suggestions. A few things you might appreciate:
There is a big railway update in the works, which will provide new ways of transporting large amounts of items.
Regarding flat rocks, have you noticed that mining will yield some flat rocks as byproduct? So there are more ways of getting them than just finding on the ground.


Ok so I deleted my last one because I putted in the wrong category.
So my idea is that you could tied up a stack of rock using rope, it would be really heavy but could still be put ing carts including mine carts.


i’m sooo looking for the next update😍 thanks for ur efforts!!
but i’m not sure that new railway update can help this flat rock situation…
because we need to make a long railway to get flat rocks from one desert area.
(I guess? maybe there’re differences in the new update🤔)
but usually ppl travel multiple desert area to collect many many flat rocks.
so i guess it’s less efficient than just carrying with a horse cart because it needs too many resources and at least 2 working man to move the cart.

also, in my opinion ppl usually need tens of flat rocks to decorate their town, not just 1~10. so getting those from mine is way less efficient than just getting from somewhere outside even tho this travel takes more than 10 min…


I agree with Dayong’s reply below, although I’m really looking forward to the next rail update, I don’t think it’s a solution for the flat rock!
Only because I use 100-200 flat rocks for each building and its 4+ min (on a horse) so that would be like spending 100 irons for tracks to get 10-20 flat rocks :sob:
& I’ve tried mining for flat rocks before and got 10 rocks with 200 irons :dizzy_face:

Thank you! :))


for me flat rocks are quite rare, because i use that many. its almost the most valuable resource. maybe the spawn rate could be higher than other materials. flat rocks are not only used for roads. they also serve as ground for workspaces to be faster and they serve as decoration material. they have more purpose than other floorings.

to be clear i mean spawning in nature not in mines.


Maybe we need to design a quarry for you guys, huh? :wink:


interesting… a quarry where we can get more flat rocks? that could work for me. like using a chisel on a new kind of rock to get flat rocks out of it. like they do with marble in real life.

maybe i would build a railroad to this place. just thinking

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Made a sugestion for this a while back actually lol