Food Ideas with honey

Honey! Its a great update. When i finally got my hands on some honey,
i baked a nice cake. And you can also sweet poridge with it!
Though i would like if we would have some more things with honey.
Here are some food ideas:

This is a simple idea, but nice for towns with bees but no cows.
Bread with honey!
Just scoup a bit of honey with a knife and put it on your bread.
One bowl of honey is good for 5 pieces of bread.

The recipe for pancakes is similar to the one for sponge cake.
Though, its not exactly the same.
First, put a bowl of flour in a large clay bowl. Then, add an egg. Lastly,
add a bucket of milk. Now your got your pancake mix.
Then, put a clay pan in an hot oven.
After that, put the mix in the pan.
Wait 10 seconds and your pancake is done!
Grab a large clay plate and put the pancake on the plate.
The pan stays in, so you can bake another pancake or pull it out.
You can put multiple pancakes on an plate.
The maximum amount of pancakes on an plate is 5.
After you made this sweet masterpiece, you can finish it with a topping.
Use a nice bowl of honey, or mashed blueberries.
To top it off, scoup with a knife in a bowl of butter and put it on the top!
Now you can eat your pancake of the stack. Bon appétit!


Illustration with honey bread recipe clearance.
I think honey recipes are good. How about a pancake recipe with skim milk instead of milk in the dough?
honey   knife = honey with a knife


It would be nice to have a way to use up skim milk :slightly_smiling_face:


hahahaha the recipe is very good.