Food in early stage of the game before iron age

3 things about cooking with fire

  1. there are not enough branches for kindling in early game before iron age. i mean maintaining a fire for having stick bread and eggs is a bit hard. and as you try to survive the kindling is gone before you get to iron age.

  2. the timer on omlette is a bit hard. noobs don’t know what to do, if an omlette overcooks.

  3. can we change the flat rock on ember, so you can add some kindling? it’s annoying you can’t maintain the ember while cooking eggs.

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You CAN maintain the ember while cooking eggs actually. Since having an egg on the flat stone becomes a totally different object, the timer resets. It is possible to keep a hot stone literally until you die provided you have enough eggs.

Put an egg on the hot stone, harvest it, wait 30 seconds, place another egg, the timer is reset. Harvest it, wait 30 seconds, place another egg, etc. You can make it INFINITE :smiley:

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But then, you need to be fast while collecting eggs. And then you need a timer besides you. I try to make it as long as possible. Sometimes, it is just too late .

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