Foods & seeds

Milkweed & carrot seed bowls would be good to keep ppl from accidentally using last seed in towns.
Also, I think more food for cabbage & potatoes would be good. Maybe something like mashed potatoes?


OHOL did that allready sadly. But whe can store seeds in crocks allready.

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Some time ago. With the update you could place milkweed, carrot and a lot more seeds in bowls

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Oh :thinking:
Ya I just liked the bowls cuz we can pick it up then plant everywhere. And see quickly when they’re full.
Maybe we can do somethin like seed pouches and attach them to backpacks ! :grin:


We can store seeds in crock with plate?
I tried and it didnt work :open_mouth:

only rice seeds can put in crock


Ok, thx!

If its a town your a major part of id recomend planting a row of carrot seeds behind a tree. That way if threres sudenly no seeds around you can water it and wait for them to seed.
Same with milk weed exept not behind a tree since you would need it to be seed ready when you harvest it. Plant the seed milkweed somewhere people wouldnt really pass through unless they are experianced such as the dessert or middle of a mosquito infested jungle.

Also keep in mind that carrot seeds and milkweed seeds do despawn after a few hours so not to over stock on seeds. Alot of players make the mistake that if they just get a lot off milkweed seeds from one that they wont ever despawn but they will in five hours i believe and not all towns will plant extra before then.

Oh didnt know. Other seeds in crocks whould be nice to have to.