Forced usernames idea

Just so this isn’t lost.


Usernames would solve alot of things, i like it.

I don’t know if your trying to say this but I think that instead of forcing the username to be the first name, the babies can still be named but when you tap on them in parentheses next to their last name it will say there username,

I think this is a great idea so if you are familiar with a griefer, you simply can just ignore the child but you are still willing to take a chance with a new player. I do want to see how the FP changes gameplay before we get rid of anonymity first tho.


I can’t agree more,but there is room for improvement,I will do this,but l want to add it to a big plan,can I do it?With your permission, I will create a new post @Shnappers

Just wanted to share my 2 cents on forced usernames-
Anonymity is both and amazing feature and a huge problem. I think everyone would benefit from having a username chosen/assigned to them, but then have the option of sharing or hiding it when starting a new life.
If you show a name, people can recognize you, and all that comes along with having a known name. Everyone knows the benefits.
But sometimes the anonymity is the fun part. I’ve never intentionally griefed and never would, but I’ve gotten into trouble for being less than efficient as I learn. So maybe I don’t want them to recognize me as the idiot that accidentally killed the fire. So I choose Anon. Then it’s up to my mother whether to keep me at random (like now) or risk raising me.

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