Forever in donkey town

It’s been 2 weeks since I was in Donkey Town and I never go out. I do not know why.

Can developers explain why I’m so long in Donkey Town?

When you came in donkey town, did you then quit and didn’t play for 2 weeks?

You have to live in donkey town for a few full lives. I dont think they ever implemented the offline banishment cooldown.

do you spawn random or is it always the same place?

do you hear it when someone rings a bell?


No, every day I tried to play but I was still in the donkey town.

Do you share your phone with a family member or a friend?
Its possible that you or they have gotten banished multiple times. Everytime you get banished it increases the time you have to live there.
Also if your getting on then seeing that your still cursed then dying after playing for like ten minutes that would only be ten minutes off the total time you have to spend in donkey town.

Though it could also be a bug causing you to be eternaly cursed to.

Try one thing:

Make yourself a nice home, and enjoy your lonely life for a total of 60 minutes. After that you should be good to reborn, and enjoy the fruits of not been in donkey town any more. That should work.

Enjoy every minute that you have in each life, and help in anything that you can. At the end, you could save someone else life for that delicious pie that you ones made.