Forum servers

Idk if this will be possible, but could there be a forum only server? I spend all of my lives asking “Forum?” To every new baby or relative. And they all either say “?” Or “no”. I just want to find people I know and do projects with them. My friend Jane and I have found each other in a long time, even though the player-base is not that large. Also, could there be a way to Bring up the chances of being in the same fam if ur killed by an animal? I just played A game where I died to a bear, and I was born an eve 3 times in a row.

There is also a Discord Server. If you are looking for people, it might help.

I would, but I want to set it at Mollytown when i come back.

This doesn’t really help what the person is asking, they mean different sections of families to they can go back to a specific town. The discord is just for meeting people in general tbh