Found a issue

You know the tutorial? I’ve been trying to forge a shovel and it won’t let me do that. It just doesn’t do anything my oc is there with the wood tongs and iron while I’m tapping the forge. And I thought I’d ask for some help with this problem, my device is Android, maybe it is bugged

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You need to get a firing kiln to forge crucibles into steel which required bellows and charcoal. Then transform that steel into said tools with a smithing hammer. If you need help figuring out how to craft stuff search it up on this website

It is extremely useful!

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Question…I crafted bellows and the clay stove, when ever I put the bellows on the stove. It prevents me from putting kindling or anything in it what should I do?

Use have to use coal not kindling to forge. Remove bellow, adding kindling, light, then put adobe over kiln. You then have charcoal. Add bellow and light, you can now use iron in kiln.

Also make sure to add one more adobe to stove to make it into a kiln/forge?

What about when your family is labeled as not related

I don’t really get what you’re asking related to the original post.
But if you asked why some people have the same family name but are shown as “not related” then:

It could have been an Eve that spawned near where you were and named herself with the same family.

If your question was somehow related to the post then I’m sorry for failing to understand.
If i was correct please next time create a new topic so more people are more likely to see it and reply.

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