Freedom! It smells so sweet

Won’t post spoilers of what you see when you get out… but it’s glorious!! And involves the number 42


Good job!

How long did that take you? Quite some steps involved, aren’t there?

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I almost got there…then lag! Can’t wait…how do I redo the tutorial?

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Go to settings and check “Enter tutorial game” checkbox and spawn on any server.

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It took me an entire life due to lag. I finished with 5 food left.

Think I was in my forties,

Probably would have been sooner due to lag though.

This is my standard start to any game anyways. Collect 3 rope in a basket, find a good spot on green biome near water, make bowls, make farm, make tools/pies…

Good to see the tutorial up and running. Still birthing beta testers yesterday who state “I’m new”, and “teach” but don’t know how to feed themselves…

nice! i nearly got out but i messed up a few times and died from old age instead :frowning: seems like i still have a long way to go…

This truly tests your smithy skills.