Further discussion of the developing situation with Jason

I’ll bet if you guys fork it you can do it better than Jason anyway, Christoffer. There’s dozens of people on the pc forums constantly giving out great ideas, which Jason never listens to and instead does stupid stuff like dogs. He had a great idea, but his execution leaves much to be desired. Do it right, do it better. You don’t need his art or his ideas.

And I really hope the venues deny the take-down. I don’t know if you can preemptively contact them to explain the situation or something, but I hope that goes nowhere.

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He’s not being mean. He’s fighting for his game.

Here’s what I see:

You don’t see the forest for the trees. But YOU have planted a wall of trees directly obscuring your view of the forest.

That mishap in China is WAY bigger than you are making it out to be. You’ve alluded, many times, to sketchy ulterior motives on Jason’s part with absolutely ZERO proof other than speculation. You continue to cite potential damage to the mobile version, based on semantics, without acknowledging the very real damage ChinaGate has done to Jason. It’s not perceived damage. It’s actual damage.

I see, now, exactly what Jason meant about you massaging things to your liking. You did it when I raised the translation question. You continue to do it. It’s disingenuous and incredibly frustrating to try to engage in dialogue when you cannot get the person you are engaged with to stay on track/topic.

Chop down those trees and clear your vision! Look at the forest! Surely, if you’re incapable of sympathy (“I don’t see it your way”) surely you are capable of empathy (“that’s not how I think but let me imagine myself walking a miles in your shoes”).


That won’t help anything.

Christoffer posted this here, I believe, not just for the drama of it. As a community we owe it to both the mobile team and the original creator to share our views which may, or may not, help them to arrive at an understanding. What are your views?


I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

It definitely impacts my view on the subject and of you, yourself. After all, what would a game be without a solid player base? I know that story all too well from playing on your servers with an average of 13 players at best.

This not the PC forum though. It’s a mobile forum which is mismanaged, out of control and ridiculous at best. You’re putting way to much faith in the abilities of this team of developers who won’t even listen to the genius who created this masterpiece of a game.


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In the german language there is a difference between Urheberrecht (Copyright by the creator) and the Nutzungsrecht (rights of use). you are not allowed to violate the Urheberrecht/Copyright in any way even when the work is in the public domain. as far i understand jason, he feels like his copyright is violated by how you use his work. you the mobile devs are to close to his copyright. for every action you take you have to have his permission. and this is what he does revoke now.

in switzerland the urheberrecht/copyright is mostly even protected 70 years after the death of a person.


I’m being serious as well. What is your position? How do you see things?

Not really. I’m saying you’re as much of a problem as Ben. It has nothing to do with rules or controlling the content. It has to do with the quality of the contributions being made by the community. Not only that but the ability of the community as a whole to use this tool in an effective way, the devs included.


as i stated before, i did ask myself who made this lovely music for this game. but i didnt saw any credits for the music in the mobile app.

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We all have been at some point.

Oh… well that was just ugly and wrong on so many levels. I had no idea until I saw the chat.


Thats just straight up? Wrong

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Oh no

Stuff is going bad @Christoffer

Excuse me?

you got some explaining

Can i see the whole conversation

Let’s not play this here. As usual he’s hijacking a thread to call attention to himself.

Please don’t go off topic, it’s already bad enough having the two developers arguing when we can’t really do anything to help. Please make a different post for the other issues.