Game Idea: Elaborating on “Marriage”

In an old account of mine, I talked about Marriage as a game concept; it gave males something to contribute to the family other than work, and it was a fun roleplay idea. (I also saw someone talking about Joining Family Trees, which I am going to talk about as well.) Basically, my initial idea was that they would choose who took who’s last name (Primarily, it’d make sense for the male, but just an option.) it would help out for people who’s last names were offensive or stupid! And intertwining family trees would be cool. Like, imagine being able to create your OWN family tree but not be an Eve— And when you press on yourself, it’ll show ‘click here to see [__ Family tree]’ I think as a proper gesture of marriage, you’d have to craft a ring. There should be two versions of this ring; A Nature ring, which is made from thorns, roses, or broken flower crowns. And then theres just a ‘Wedding Ring’ which has to be forged using gold or iron, and then a rose or some sort of flower for decoration. The concept is simple, really, (minus the coding part…) You can only marry one person at a time. If you are married to someone and you attempt to give a ring to someone else, it’d pop up with a warning that goes along the lines of ‘You are already married to ____. Give them a broken ring to divorce.’ And the broken ring would basically be a crappy ring made out of thorns and a banana peel or something. This would give males a chance to continue their family tree, and intertwine family trees! Like if two Eve’s meet eachother and want their legacies to continue, it’d be cool for them to marry eachother or have their children marry eachother. Conflict over forced marriage would be a heavy misconduct, though. It’d add some spice to changing up family names, like if one person’s last name was ‘Smith’ and ones was ‘Garret’ it might become ‘Smith-Garret’ or just one of the two. It’d also give a better image of split family trees and family tree branches. And it’d be pretty awesome to see custom appearances based on two parents! This is a pretty long stretch of an idea, but i’ve seen multiple people suggest this and a ton of marriage roleplays; So just putting it out there!


I had the same idea, maybe this way:
Nugget+hammer=wedding ring
(Optional) Wedding ring+small item
Tap person with wedding ring+person saying yes=person wearing it
If both did, family trees connect

If both are buried next to eachother and hearts added to the graves, they can choose the “true love” button on start,
If both did, they will be born in the same place instead of lily towns
But only if not divorced
(Say 3 times divorce to the other person)


I think adding a marriage setting is meaningless unless the game is set to allow males to have children and breastfeed. If a male cannot have children, his family tree is his mother’s family tree. If he wants to continue his surname, he is actually continuing his mother’s surname.

But they can be shown on the family tree, and also it’s most likely he and his wife is of the same surname lol

I don’t think they’re going to make any more changes to the game like that. I do see people get married a lot though