Game is now unplayable

Got a b1 for being kind of a jerk to which I feel I kind of deserved and was willing to roll with the punishment. I finish my punishment and am born into a new town, no problems until around my character was 10 years old and someone noticed the -B1. They started saying how I must be a griefer and didn’t allow me to explain myself and boom, within 15 minutes of finishing my first ban, a new player had convinced 3 other new players that -B1 must always equal griefer and was now sitting with an hour of exile and now a -b2 stamped to my name.

I come back a few days later and finish the exile again, now being more wary that I actually did look like a griefer with my -B2. If someone mentioned the B2, I literally just left town and would go live alone but usually everyone was cool until tonight. Mom mentioned the -b2, i had some super nice guy feed me and I told him I was gonna leave and start my own camp. Went a good 500 tiles away and made a new camp for 6 minutes and then boom, a bunch of messages saying that an observer voted to banish me and within 2 minutes I am now banished again with a very ugly -B3 stamped on my forehead after I complete 2 HOURS OF EXILE.

Im quitting this game I think, this is literally the worst banishment system I’ve ever seen. It literally takes anyone who made a simple mistake and turns them into a leper. Im not going to even try -b3 because I know damn well it’ll turn into a -b4 where then I will have to spend a ridiculous time alone just to then receive a -b5. I know we need a way to punish griefers but when you see other stories on this forum like mine, there is no reason that innocent people should get gamelocked by three uninformed or maybe even malicious people. that is not fair or great game design. Sorry to say it, it was fun while it lasted but I don’t think I’m coming back.


Would you be interested in trying a private server? Sorah is hosting a server and we sometimes have 3-4 people on at a time. It’s slow hunger and no architecture or storage decay so you can build without your baskets/backpacks withering or walls crumbling. I just finished building a very very long Y-axis road to connect my base to the main community city.


Have you considered playing on the no children server? It’s basically a solo server and you can spawn near your home marker when you reach age 60 with a peace lily petal allowing you to build your settlement at your own pace. Just move far enough away from spawn so other players can’t find you.

Not having to worry about feeding kids that most of the time end up afk or people stealing stuff is really relaxing. I’m actually enjoying it more than multiplayer.

I can understand why people have so much animosity towards griefers though and would prefer not take a chance when they’ve built up a large town.

Sorry this has happened to you. The suggestions above may help, and I hope you try again, but it is true that as a community game where people want to play together and not alone, it is difficult. Griefers are a real problem, Beyond the towns they ruin…managing them is also fraught with issues. I’m sorry you have run afoul of this system.


I wish I know that until I realised the reason everyone is so generous giving me their rabbit backpacks is because it doesn’t decay … Ever! Now im filled with backpacks :joy: took me days wondering what obsolete Chad the backpack is until I realised it simply just unable to decay.

Its Nol btw.

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Hi friend, please check pm :blush:

A good solution to this would be if everyones banishment was reset after a certain time frame. It would give everyone a fresh start.