Game suggestions

I have allot of ideas to implement in this game, some of thems are necessary, other don’t. At the end they are just ideas, so here I go:

Note: All this Ideas are base on the phone app, they may not be necessary in a tablet or some smalls phones.

Alpha) We really need a Joystick to move. Its annoying when we are in a crowded area and we keep piking randoms items from the floor, because we were touching the screen to move. This is something that will be really awesome when we are running in the wilderness looking for materials or a better home. Most of the time we cant see where are we going because our fingers are covering part of the screen.

  1. We need to eliminate the touch to eat opposition. If we have a bottom to feed our selfs, the touch to feed mechanics is a little inappropriate, expesially when you want to put food in your back pack, a clay bowl, a basket, etc, that is right below you. I think many of us can confirm that we have eaten so many times by accident traying to put a food item in one of this containers.
  • Please, make an option to increase the size of the eat bottom. I have big fingers and one out of 3 times my character will run south east because I missed to pres the bottom when I wanted to eat food. I also have died because this bug.
  1. Make the possibilities of a quick pick menu (like Minecraft for example) when we are equipped with a back pak and/or an apron. ( The item rotation is annoying, especially when you are using the back pack to carry multiple items at ones, and you try to do something productive with it).

  2. We have milk weed, but not cotton? What about if you plant milk weed, you can get cotton. We should need new tools to proses the cotton to thread, but this will open the possibilities to make advanced clothes, like a real back pack with multiples pockets. Also we can make ourselves pants, shirts, gloves, shoes, sweaters, carpets, sterile cotton pads, etc.

  3. We need a better way to make fire. We have diesel engine, radios, and cars, but we still making fire like the stone age.

  • We have flint and we have steel, why we can’t use it for that purpose?
  • We have diesel, why not make lighters?
  1. We have diesel/Kerosene: We can revolutionize the way that we smith and cooking. Adding some modifications to our smithing stations and ovens, we can turn them to work with kerosene. Making us to do more, and cut less trees.
  • We can have new ovens and stoves, better designed to work with kerosene. They will bee a good implementation for a new look, design, and advance in our little civilization.
  1. We can make an use of a Watch Tower. This structure can be build at the corners of the village and however climb it will have a X amount of zoom in his view, making it possible for seeing possible threats in the village. This will also give the possibilities of making a closed wall village.

  2. Make it posible to put a baby in a cart. This will be a really good feature for all those moms that pop out a baby wile they are collecting materials, and have a cart with them. (Also ho haven’t ride a cart as a kid?)

I have more ideas, I will put them here as they are coming up in my mind. Also if any one have a good idea to add, please reply it below. Thanks.


That is so true about fire! It sent me on a hunt about ancient Chinese matches, and whaddya know, we have the stuff! Sulfur-coated pine sticks, flint and steel!

I propose-
Use flint on ‘Pine Tree’ to get ‘Pine Stick’. Use ‘Pine Stick’ on ‘Bowl of Sulfur’ to get ‘Sulfur Match’.
Use ‘Flint’ on ‘Steel File’ to get ‘Steel File with Flint’ (like ‘Steel File with Chisel’). Use ‘Sulfur Match’ on ‘Steel File with Flint’ to get ‘Burning Match’.
It would work like ‘Burning Leaf’ except with the ability to light kindling directly.

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  • i was thinking of a stone oven and kiln, fueled by kerosine that will burn longer than wood and that is able to coock and smith all items, then in the future we can add a next level tier of food that only be made on the stone oven.
  • i agree with this part, maybe we could use something like a lighter made from steel that we can fill with kerosine for multiple uses, this way we have a second way to light fires without the help of a juniper tree, or something like, stacking 3 butloggs to make a longer lasting “stake fire”.
  • i also like this idea, i can see multiple methods of in-game playstyle unfold,maybe make it able that the watchtowermen can shoot the bow and arrow from far away, but also easy targetable because he stands in one spot.

-also on the baby carriying and clothing part, it would be nice if we can make a “babyholder” with 2 rope and a piece of rabbit fur.

In general i agree with sylar point of view (If im correct) that the game has jumped into the future by building cars but there is still a big gap we can fill before we even go further into the future.

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They should add wooden walls that can be painted.

Like this.

nice ideas @SylarUchiha :blush::+1:t3: i like the way you think

oh bye the way, once i made a post about watchtowers:

i hope you like it.


I like it. I don’t know how you manage to make that big map image, but its cool to have that feture.

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Here’s my solution

  1. Mistakenly eat the food while trying to put it on the BP: maybe we need button for BP. Just like food have “eat button” on the right down corner. Once we have BP in our inventory, the BP button will automatically appear. We can push the button to activate several commands, like: put something into BP and put out something from BP.

  2. Quick pick up menu: the button from number one could also activate quick menu if we push and hold it long enough.

That’s what I got. You have a nice idea there @SylarUchiha

Haha. I also come out with this idea while foraging with cart and having a baby. I told my baby “why i can’t put baby in cart?”. It would be much easier. But i forget to post it here.

Watch tower is a good idea. While watching surrounding and point out griever, can we kill griever from there? But of course the griever would use this watch towers for grieving. I’m thinking about a game i played a years ago, the watch tower can kill a very far distance but not from close distance, so if there’s a griever in the watch tower, we simply run near watch tower and killed them from below. (it’s kinda hard to explain. I hope anyone understand)


I think all of these ideas are amazing. One thing I would modify. Instead of being able to put baby in cart, can we put her in our backpack? I mean mothers have had some kind of backpack for babies throughout history. I think it would really change baby care. maybe to counteract the ease of this make food go down faster?

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People had sugested this idea many times before. I think it will be a good implementation in the game. I will add all your suggestions to my post latter today.