While being born as a boy in a city, I thought «ugh… again…». And then I had an idea: what if you could choose your gender?
I prefer being a girl, mostly because later in life I possibly will be a grandma (with the great skill of knitting my grandchildren wool sweaters, which warms your heart :heart:). Sometimes I’m OK with being born as a boy, but I will always prefer feminine lives. (don’t judge me)

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This falls into a category of features that will likely never make it into the main game. Possibly for an event or modded play server though, so there’s nothing wrong with voicing it or discussing pro’s and con’s with it.

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Don’t worry @Christoffer I expected that kind of answer. I know that the mobile team wants to follow Jason’s steps, and that’s 100% OK. I am positive nobody who bought the mobile version was looking for a modded version where your character could become a Pokémon.

*People can choose the gender they like the most
*No more villages full of boys/girls

*Maybe in a certain time and server, everyone will choose to be born as boy, which could kill a town
*Maybe in a certain time and server, everyone will choose to be born as girl, which could also kill a town (to many babies, some people don’t know about population control)

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Perhaps you could change your gender after being born, but only through the use of some really advanced modern technology. That might be a useful endgame means of preserving dying families.

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I wouldn’t like that because everyone will just choose to be a girl and the game will be to easy