Get a single item from a stack

Please please sorry if I’m a noob. I wanted to craft a water pouch so I need a single cut rabbit fur to work on it but I can’t figure out ho to take only one of the 4 stacked you obtain when use a flint on a fur. It always takes 2 of them at a time. Thank you.

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You cut a rabbit fur in 4
Every 2 small bits of fur in “one item”.
To make a water pouch, you need 4 not 1 or 2.

How to make water pouch: cut the skin with flint chip and needle&thread it :slight_smile:


For a waterskin you need the cut fur with all “four” (it’s actually 2 that look like 2 each) pieces. Then you make a short straight shaft and put a flint arrowhead on it and use this item on the cut furs. Finally you need to use a thread (NOT needle with thread) on it.

@TheRedBug, @Alsou
You are both correct. There are two ways to make a water pouch

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This is the newer method.