Get more soil

Ooh… I just found out that we can get more soil from worm pit

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Same. Just found out to.

Yes it only works once though then it turns into a empty clay pit. By the way if you see wormy soil pits near a ice biome in a town please dont dig those up they are most likely gathering worms from them for fishing.

It took me a while to figure that out too.

Let me correct my message i dont think worms respawn in the pits so try to pull all the worms from the empty pits before you dig them up. Worms can be used to fish and fish are worth 20 food which can fill you up from less than 3 food ticks left.

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I am surprised that many of you just found out . I found out that out a long time ago . :sweat: Maybe I play in Japanese server where a lot of people play and then learn by watching I guess. Anyway , good luck .

Players tend to learn things in an odd way on slower servers. For example you could have someone who knows how to farm everything and make stew but doesnt know how to forge or use any of the iron tools at all but has played over a hundred lives. But at the same time have another player that doesnt understand how to forage for food or how to farm but can make every tool in the game and how to create a car. It has to do with the low average population of ten players.


Your answer is very fantastic. Never thought about it . Thanks .

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