Getting more players by ask youtubers to play this game

I think it is a great idea for us to promote this game and ask youtubers to play this game . Actually I knew this game though Japanese gamer youtubers : レトルト and 28 . It seems that every time they post some videos especially 28, there will be an increase of new players . I think we should encourage Korean gamer youtubers and so on to post more videos to increase the number of players playing so they will too have their own server and won’t cause any trouble . What do you all think about this idea? I think this will also solve the problem of number of players on international servers .

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There are already Korean YouTubers playing this game, YouTube recommended one to me because I watch twisted.

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Really . Wow , does that mean Japanese gamer youtubers are much more popular or effective in promoting games ? Hmm… maybe it only means that Japanese are more willing to buy mobile games. I don’t really get such chance in my country .

O just think that its more on the popularity of the youtubers. For example lets say if somebody like jack septic eye or pewdiepie so much as mentioned the game it would have tons of new people looking at it. Creating new youtubers making channels on it and all of that. But since most youtubers who have done videos on this game have relatively low subscribers and share them with each other its not having an easy time spreading the fan base.

Hey! I also watch Twisted!

Me too hes the best

I like seeing how big the towns are onthere

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Me too. I wish there were more megacitys in the mobile version.

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He plays mobile 1 hr 1 life too

Didn’t he do that once?

On the event

Ya , you are correct. 28 is famous , that is why every time he posts, new players increase . The good thing about this game is once you buy it , you can play a lot without paying money . Now that I think about it , does anyone of us (1h1l players who use the mobile forum ) play with our friends? Unlike Japanese server , international server has much lesser people which also leads to not really big city (I mean not much development until you get to have Diesel engine and sometimes radio) . It is sad as while you can experience a big of range of development(from eve to big city and in the middle) , most probably you won’t experience as much in international server.

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Which event?

Enternal cities



What if he plays in our city

What if

I watched twisted too. I know this game from him. But I’m not planning to play on PC because I don’t use PC a lot. Then I’m surprised that there’s mobile version so now I’m playing mobile.