Getting your Bs down

I haven’t been banished myself yet, but in my last town I met a girl with a B4. I couldn’t believe it, everything I had seen of her when I was back in town from hunting rabbits was good behavior. We only talked briefly, but she told me she’d 2 recent random banishes and 2 from 4 months ago (idk if those were legitimate or if they’re even tracked that far back).
If what she told me was the truth, I think you should be able to get rid of your Bs by gaining trust among your fellow players. I’d suggest a voting system similar to the banishing system, but if you manage to get 3 or maybe 4 good votes in one life your Bs decrease by one. I’d limit the ability to give those votes to players over the age of about 35. There should be enough experienced players in that age group to evaluate a player asking for forgiveness.
The banishes are a stigma when being born and I tend to abandon babies with over 2 Bs, especially when I’m further away from my town.


Such a good idea :grin: and like banishment token you need to play 40 min to get one, and you should be able to do it from observation mode as well :thinking:

i think once you get b1 status just go to donkey town for 10 mins or something small…and then b2 more time b3 more time…ect. When people can’t play nicely we put them in time out IRL. just my opinion. :slight_smile:

yes i know ppl get banished unfairly, but i’d rather get banished and play solo than to walk around with a label when you can’t defend yourself. (typing 1-3 letters as a baby makes it very hard to defend yourself when you’re labeled as someone bad)

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or even changing how many letters we can type per age might make a hugeeeeeee difference. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly my point. Let’s say I’d get banished by accident, I run past the town fire while I’m distracted irl and pick up a baby without noticing. I run off with it and people follow me and banish me. Big misunderstanding, nobody’s fault. Now I get sent to donkey town to play solo, I’d be OK with that, but not with that B1. I always try to help my towns as good as I can and I think people who play the game right deserve a chance to quickly rid themselves of the B stigma. And I’d say my solution fits into the self-moderation approach of the game. It would also make ditching babies with high Bs more efficient.

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This system looks to me like you don’t need to be careful not to do anything to be voted against anymore, but just to have a good PR with a cute story to get enough ppl to clean your west again. Sounds like a nice idea for organized griefers to quickly get rid of B‘s to start new.

And just abandoning bbs with a B is btw griefing as well. And discriminating on top of that too.

I never did this and it just turned out bad for me one time. 9/10 I had so far were just nice and regretted what they did, they even told the truth about what happened and didn’t came up with lame excuses. You miss a lot opportunities if you just abandon them and you cause them to be even more willing to grief when you do this. So in long term you harm yourself this way too, not just the abandoned bb.

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I don’t abandon them as long as I’m at home. I feed them til 3 and keep an eye on them, maybe ask them how they got such a high B number when they’re old enough to talk. But when I’m away from home I have to evaluate the pros and cons. I either spend some time and possibly risk my life and what I gathered to make the 2 trips to take a possible griefer to my town or i sacrifice some hunger to grief and continue to be productive. In most cases I ask them how they got banished and most ppl just answer: “Yeah just random” or something which could easily be a lie. And honestly, if ppl start griefing because they were abandoned, they’d probably find another reason to throw a childish tantrum if you brought them to your town. I’d like the system to be more accurate, to discriminate against the right people. If you just play the game to grief, you won’t have the patience to gather votes for redemption every time. That’s why I wanted to make it relatively difficult to gather these votes; you should only get them from older family members and only after you lived in the village for a while. And the votes should have a longer cooldown than the banish votes.

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Hello so i have a b4 points and i don’t know how to lower them