Glass jar with lid

Am I doing something wrong?
I have my small round disk, I have my glass jar.
Why won’t they make a glass jar with lid?
I can only seem to make baby bottles with the jars


after it’s cooled you have to use small round wood wheel to cover it. the small wheels you get with using a saw on a straight branch.

i hope it helps. i never made one.

Hi maengish,

Yes I have the jar lid. It shows in the recipe book when I pick it up. But then I can’t put it on top.

hmm weird :thinking:
i screenshoted all the steps for a bottle one. maybe that help? : recipe

@Sorah do you know how to do it?

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It sounds like you are making small glass jars, but instead you want to make large ones? You need to use twice the glass for a large jar.


Ty I was able to make one! Know I have to teach myself what it can hold


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