Glitches and Wrong design


  1. Sash suddenly falls of. You can’t grab anything up and you will starve if nobody feeds you.
  2. Bonsai appears at face.

Please make a reply if you have more glitches or design that needs to be fixed. Then i will include them. That will help the developers.


How does this happen?

If you put on the sash, it will fall of after some time. I think this only happens with a sash and seed belt. The seed belt also seems removed when the sash falls off.

Ok, will investigate. Thanks for reporting it!


Unlimited rubber stoppers in the process of making a bottle of milk there is a bug that can be made.

How would you trigger that?

i used the new sash in 2 lifes and had no issue with it. i guess it only happens when you use the seed belt with it.