Good City Center

What makes a good City Center?
This city is built on greenland. To the right is a savannah and to the left a swamp.
Most players meet mostly in the white rectangle in the center. But why is that?

There is a berry farm (green) and 3 kitchen (yellow) located in that area. Every kitchen is dedicate to one type of food. So if you want to eat you go there. This takes up around 25 tiles x 20 tiles. Around the kitchens are the main farm (green) in the swamp and the animals (red) on greenland, which provide the goods for the kitchens.

On the right side in cyan are clothes and clothes production in the savannah. You can use the rabbit fur to make clothes. And in blue is the hospital, child care and the graveyard. Having the graveyard close to the clothes makes it easier to re-use old clothes.

So everything you need to survive is close by in the center.
Any other building is further away, because you need it less often.

Yellow@1x Kitchen
Green@1x Farm
Red@1x Animals
Blue@1x Hospital, Child Care and Graveyard
Cyan@1x Clothes
Magenta@1x Smith
Grey@1x Plaster and color production


That is a very complicated city. It is too overwhelming for me, but I might give it a spin once I wrap my head around it. :sweat_smile:


easy version
kitchens and berries in center.
around that farm and animals.
everything else build outside of the 25 x 25 tiles.

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very interesting overview! Thanks for introduction!
I love maps!
what’s missing here is roadstructure (i wish to ve street signs in yah).
but it seems you worked out what needs to be closer together, and what can be further apart…

…uhm-im guessing i know this City from few visits :wink:

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@Sorah hihi yeah i guess you were to Valhalla before of the original Eve @KazeNami :slight_smile: i like the city so much because of its center. And i wondered often, why it’s so well working.

So i gonna look into it and build something similar :slight_smile:


Wow a map of Valhalla! That’s nice! If you need help with your City, let me know Heidi. :heart:


Here is the map in its full glory :slight_smile: it’s such a nice group project and great city. Thanks to everyone who helped build Valhalla :slight_smile:


Here is the update on my City Project. I tried to make a city center with lots of foods.
Also i tried to group together what gets often used together for efficiency.
And i was extremly lucky with the cave mine so close to the smithing station.

The city is around 60 tiles wide and 35 tiles high. Its a bit too wide in my opinion, maybe around 45 tiles would be better.


Hallo hallo! Ich habe vor kurzem wieder angefangen zu spielen. Ein sehr cooles Projekt das du da aufgezogen hast! Sag Bescheid wenn du Hilfe brauchst :slight_smile:


@Katjes hey hey :slight_smile: ich hab gerade wieder angefangen zu spielen. die stadt steht noch. ich bin daran einen glockenturm zu bauen.

ich bin in der nähe von valhalla und der soup-bar auf eu-2. du bist sehr willkommen.