Good idea or nah

So I had an idea, anyone here remember the fellowship discord, while I was never part of it I thought it was cool how everyone kind of came to get her and made this huge area, should a make a new discord or nah(also idk which category to post this under) I would figure out how to make it to where everyone on the fandom can join, also we will probably be playing a lot on the children server, thanks for hearing me out

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i fixed it for you :hugs: now it works


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are you already on the official You are Hope discord?

if no, here is a link to it:

Oh I didn’t know it was still running, no I am not on it but I’m will join

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Even with the current discord should I still start another one?

It depends honestly. It can be really cool sometimes but there’s also a lot of issues that come with it. For example a griefer using the discord group to grief specific users. Also players tend to blame discord groups for all kinds of problems.

It can honestly be stressful to try and maintain a discord group but it can also be really rewarding and you can make a lot of friends to.