Goodbye letter

When I bought this game, I thought it was the mobile version of one hour one life.
I have never played the PC version so the mobile version was the only version I knew.

When this game went its own way after the incident with christoffer and jason, I understood the situation a little better and still supported christoffer even though I realized that I had now bought a game that suddenly started to deviate from the original, so in fact I now have a random game.

However, this did not demotivate me to start playing less, I started working on building cities again with lots of new ideas and expectations about new updates.

What did, however, demotivate me is the lack of information about server resets, updates, development etc. (This happens repeatedly).
redundant server resets where the server is offline for several days (usually the eu server is the victim) with too little new content, which means that an update will soon have to take place.
There must be a better system for informing upcoming updates and more content in each update.

In the forums, players have shared hundreds of ideas with you, yet we see only a few minor changes after each update.
You can do your best to defend your city against griefers, but a server reset is like a hand of God who takes everything away and you can’t do anything about it.

now that the eu server is resetting suddenly and our city has disappeared again, I put my basket down.
So hereby im letting know that I will leave this game aside for now.

As long as it lasted, I enjoyed meeting great people and had a lot of fun building and collaborating with others.
It was a great experience and I will never forget the cities of Eden, Phoenix and Hell.

Love yall :v::heart: and always keep it reall
King C

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@Christoffer people are leaving they think the game is random and boring now

Seems to be some misunderstandings mixed in as well. The eu2 has not been reset, it’s been upgraded to version 1.15.0 with the map contents intact. When the release rolls out tomorrow you can upgrade your app and go play there again.
The reason we have to upgrade one game server ahead of each release is that Apple demands to review each update (to guarantee quality and adherence to their rules).
I always write about this on discord when it happens.
Regarding the long time since last update, as I have mentioned we have been one man short for a while, but we got reinforced again today, so now we can pick up the pace again.


Dont worry, I’ll still be with you, :grinning:

Nice to hear :wink:

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for waiting so long to a update, @Christoffer i really suggest that you hv to give out info on forum and make post on Twitter by telling others the progress, I am not on the official discord, and I would happy to see those update announcement like the one you made on 11 April. I don’t want to see ppl having post saying they are leaving and then I can know the progress from your reply :confounded:

we lost lots of players in this month, and I don’t know if I would still need a private server because no friends is playing at that time.:sob:

Understood. Thanks for the feedback. Guess we have to improve a bit on the communication.

The PC version gets an update for features and bug foxing once a week. What’s even crazier is that Jason is an indie developer.

I’d recommend trying out the PC version. They have a lot more content and things to discover.