Green Beans

Is there any way to empty these bowls other than starting the stew?

Also anyway to get rid of all the rice?
Is this just a way ti grief and take up a bunch of space?


The rice actually can be used up quickly. You can just make boiled rice and eat it out of the bowel like you would stew. You can also just store the rice in storage crocks. 5 per crock with lid and paper.

As for the bowel of soaking beans they have to be made into stew currently to get rid of them.


Ya I cooked some, but it was just an insane amount. Even more up top that isnt pictured. :sleepy:
Ok, I wanted to make the beans into burritos to empty the bowls :thinking: but oh well :sweat_smile:


It would be great if you could make rice and bean soup,
1 bowl rice
1 bowl soaked beans
1 bowl water

Or baked beans
1 bowl soaked beans
1 pork chunk
1 bowl water