Griefer at rebirth and ban question

I rebirthed hours later at my location where I had a 5 generation family. I found all my sheep killed. I have the ID number of the griefer, but do not know how to curse them for what they did. Is it possible to go back and curse someone in an earlier game?
Also why on earth is a B8 allowed to continue playing the game at all? In my opinion, I think a ban from the game for a period of time should be used for B5s and higher.


you can click and hold on an object the griefer used. dont take it in your hands or your id will be on the object. now a id should be visible in the upper info bar. make sure its the right id. then on the right hand side an icon should appear. you can now ban the griefer. this action can be done once in 45min.

and yes i think b8 should get punished harder than munching bananas for some hours.

for rebirth live at least 10min and get your bones burried from this life or any life before.


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