Griefer on the way. alert let's curse them

There’s griefer on Singapore server. They destroy a solo town which I know belongs to Chinese (I think).

There’s 2 of them.

They also said “I hate Chinese” but I failed to capture it

Is this the same guy who said they hated Japanese?

I don’t know. I guess we will never know.
But they’re racist

i got the message too
Someone said ■■■■■■■ Chinese
They r really orphans!

Why there are so many griefers lately? Don’t they have anything better to do??

@Cheese @WumboJumbo @WRY.A

Oh there’s one in action now. In Singapore server.

Just two minutes.Ill be right there to curse them

I guess you didn’t get the chance, right? I see that he curse my corpse. I should hide my body first before deciding to curse him.

@Virunthanwa @Cheese do either of you have discord?

I don’t have one.

I sent you and @Cheese a message. To check it tap or click your picture in the top right. Then tap the icon that looks like mail between the settings gear and the bookmarks symbol.

Your kinda forcing them to join it they didnt even say yes or no

That’s okay. I don’t mind.
I’m about to download discord now

Dont worry lmao i sent the private message to ask them to join because its a bit more personal that way. To help keep the fellowship a close nit group of friendly players to help prevent some of the pointless drama from the past. They dont have to join if they dont want to and they can leave anytime they want if they are not comfortable with the fellowship. .3.

no, we don’t know each other

No how to get that?

Discord is availiable on app stores. Its similar to teamspeak from what i hear. Its an app for gamers to comunicate with each other.

Im not shure if its availiable where your at though because it may be blocked by your country.

It’s an app used by all sorts of people nowadays.