Griefer Weeding

Want to prevent griefers born into your town from ruining everything? There are no complete ways of stoping this from happening but here’s a few ideas.

1: A Strong Nursery

Being a nurse in Ohol is one of the easiest and hardest of all the jobs you can do. If done to its best it becomes a great test of judgement in order to weed out the griefers who often try to deceive players. Make sure that at least one nurse has an apron with a knife in it, so they can quickly deal with any player threats that arise from the nursery. Nurses also need to be able to identify potential suspects for griefing. Those hoping to damage your town are usually more experienced than others, thereby allowing them to make and use the weapons needed or whatever other method they might prefer. They might even actually ask for weapons or just be rude to people who do not cooperate or who are having some bad luck. A strong nursery should have the ability to identify and deal with griefers like this.

2: Trapping

Sometimes you can’t know for sure whether or not a player will become a griefer. Therefore try this method. Whenever a baby is born who is acting suspiciously, tell them about a large stock of bows and arrows (or whatever other weapon you choose) down south, and say it’s for hunting. Also say that you do not need any more hunters. Griefers will likely head straight in this direction as soon as they are able to. This means you can catch them red handed when they realise that there are no such weapons. It is good to switch around the lie, changing the type of weapon and direction, so as to confuse griefers whenever they are reborn. However there is the eventual risk that they will wisen up and not fall for this twice.

3: The Armed Guard

Sometimes, when all else fails, a griefer will evade your notice and start tormenting the town. Therefore a guard is needed, someone with weapons and more crucially medical equipment to deal with any griefers and heal the victims. They should be easily identifiable and always be keeping an eye out for potential griefers while only doing light work in the meantime. Hopefully by using a guard, a griefer trap and simply being aware you should keep your town relatively griefer free.