Griefers are sooo much fun… 🙄

Soo I spawn into a decent sized town. Someone had killed all of our sheep. I went and got another. And a person in game named Dolores brought bears into town claiming she was “mining”. When I called her out, she and her daughter took both horse carts and the bow and arrows, hid them, and brought back multiple bears. After I was accused of doing what they had done and after I killed the first bear, I said I was out and let myself die. My name was arrow. To prove that these people were the ones doing this, I decided I’d post some screenshots I took while I was dead. Enjoy fam.

Ready for the rest of the tea?! The best part is they ratted on themselves lol. By their own last words, by the things they said in the family log, ect. This is just priceless. :rofl: I’m dead

thats why i hate the ban system. No one listens and acts stupid until its too late.

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Sometimes this game is just Among Us with extra steps :joy::rofl:


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