Griefers, killers and eve respawning

I’m so sick of griefers and killers in this game. I wish you could block specific users from ever playing with you. Griefers take down entire villages just because someone didn’t kiss their feet fast enough.

I also think losing your eve spawn spot when you die from starvation, bites, murder etc is not fun. I dont want to start a new village every time someone kills me or I get bit. I want to come back to my village over and over again and build it up.

Is any of this in the works already? I like this game but it’s pretty discouraging when all work and progress is lost forever because some jerk decided he would get his shits and giggles.


I always get over griefers. You will too, don’t worry. :slightly_smiling_face:

It makes the experience really unpleasant. It’s not fun to keep starting from scratch. The eve spawn location is saved until you die unnaturally so it seems that it would be possible to not wipe it clean. I dont think it would require a new feature, just a change.

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Igo id recomend joining the fellowship. We play on the eu server and have a couple towns there. You probably wouldnt be alowed into the walled city for a while but Crazy kvo might need some help with his town. You could try to revive heidis old town to or the old mega city.

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Or work in Heidis new town.

Lol ty @Mandrake. I like doing stuff myself but i like to have help collecting rocks, so that could be a good idea.