Is there anything to do about users who grief. I witnessed a terrible player ruining a discord town. I believe called Socovia or something. Tore dowon trees, took apart machines, ripped up flooring, etc etc. If someone spwans there she ran left and left trail of clothes leading to body to bury again. Please put those bones near some dung or something. Please and thank you


you can vote to ban players. on the right hand side will a “ban” icon appear, if you click on a player. you have a vote like every hour.

altho it needs more than one vote to ban someone. its about 3 votes and more, till a player gets banned.

there is also an option to ban someone when they are not around. you need to find an object they interacted with. long press on the object but dont pick it up. now you get the ban icon too on the right hand side. (make sure its the right player. there are a few players fasly banned)

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