Gripper Countermeasures

There is a cheater where people do not go to Donkeytown even if cursed and also a cheater where people can send others to Donkeytown

Mark the amateur user’s name as skyblue, many times cursed user as red

Accumulated cursed scores cut once a month, but the condition is at least more than once a month dead by old age (have to live until 60)

Users who have gone to Donkey Town are born only as Eve, giving birth to as many baby bots as possible, and if the user does not raise baby bots until three years old, the curse increases once a time for one baby bot

To induce fear, A baby bot who dies before 3 years old turns into a ghost or zombie and follows the user

Change the Donkey town sound to horror sound

Floral Leaf chain impossible for those who have over 21 curses accumulated

Function where curse voting is available in chronicles

Function where it is possible to identify users by a country

Function where accumulation of curse counts are shown on a main screen

Chanel’s Request : A function when you tap the character to display a fixed name next to the new name

Could this possibly be used maliciously?


Although I am Korean,
I often go to Japanese server.
I was murdered unjustly because I was a foreigner. A Japanese user who knew that I worked hard said he was sorry.

I understand the behavior.
Because I often saw foreign griffers on the Korean server. This is probably not just Korean servers, but also Japanese servers.

As foreign griffers visit more frequently, people need to keep an eye on foreigners who come to their servers.

Foreign griefers are common on all servers. The eng begginers us 1 and the european servers all get attacked by griefers that don’t speak any english. Ive heard that the singapore server also gets griefed heavily.