Gripper cut trees

The gripper cuts a village tree, the village replants the tree. But there is a tree that cannot be planted. Example: juniper tree, Rubber tree I hope all the trees can be planted again. I hope you can recover the gripper’s mess.


Sadly this happens. We can’t plant juniper. Maybe in the future this wil get into the game. Oh, and it is griefer, not gripper.


Regarding Juniper, please note that there are alternatives to using Juniper Tinder when you want to start a fire:

Yes, I know that fire can come from shaved wood.
Is there another way we make rubber?


There is no alternative to the rubber tree, but the demand for rubber is limited and there are a lot of rubber trees. Similar to iron, rubber is finite, but you need a lot less rubber than iron.
It’s not that I have anything against the idea of being able to grow Junipers and Rubber trees (or banana trees for that matter), but I do think that it is not of huge importance. I may be wrong, of course… :slight_smile: