Gripper deportation idea

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Hello, this is Dior of Korea Server. Thank you for being late to the creators of the game, where you meet, communicate and heal together.
Thank you very much. This game is my pleasure.

그런데 그리퍼의 소행이 날이 갈수록 심해서 스트레스를 받고 있습니다. 의견을 드리고 싶습니다.
But the gripper’s behavior is getting worse and under stress. I would like to comment.

그들은 조직적으로 마을을 방해하고 있습니다.

They are systematically disturbing the village.

그래서 자기마을을 사랑하는 이브의 추방이 마을 사람들의 추방보다 더 강력했으면 좋겠다고 생각합니다. 사람이 적은 특정 시간대에 추방 5번을 하기는 힘들기 때문에 그렇게 생각합니다.

So I hope that the deportation of Eve who loves his village was more powerful than the deportation of the villagers. I think that’s because it’s hard to get five deportations at certain times with few people.

이브만큼은 자신의 가족과 집을 보호하기 위해 그리퍼를 쉽게 추방할수 있게 해주세요.

Make it easy for Eve to banish the gripper to protect her family and home.

예를 들어
가계도를 통해서 추방을 할수 있습니다. 이브의 추방이 누적이 되면 그 가족이 위치하는 곳에서 점점 멀리 태어나게 됩니다. 그리고 하나의 생을 60살까지 살 수록 누적된 추방이 하나씩 사라질 수 있게 하면 그리퍼들도 도가 지나친 심각한 장난은 안 할 거 같습니다.

For example
Deportation can be done through the Family Tree. Eve’s expulsion When stacked Where is your family Will be born far away
And one life to 60 years old Cumulative deportation To disappear one by one I don’t think the grippers will play too much

정말 잘 부탁드립니다.
새해 복 많이 받으세요.

Thank you very much.
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good idea.
if eve 40 or more age.
and her baby 10 or more.

좋은 아이디어입니다.
만약 이브가 40살 이상이라면.
그리고 아이가 10살 이상이라면.


I want to add a few personal ideas to this

When someone is banished you hear the sound, but don’t know who got banished so you can’t watch out for the griefer. It would be nice to at least know who banned someone so you can ask what happened.

Sometimes griefer runs too fast for you to banish, or someone tells you who’s the griefer but you can’t find that person. would be nice to have a list of family members so you can ban from there.

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Good idea

I like the way only a whole life that lived for 60 years can decrease his total cursed point.
But griffers do curse either.
There might be some trouble.

Maybe players that never been to donkey town (banished) and played over 50 hours or something like that?