Gripper exploits rebirth

Griefers continue to do bad things using the rebirth system.
This is happening in many other villages.
They put flowers in several villages and committed terrorist acts.
We need to fix the rebirth system.

Why don’t you lock the homemark with the flowers?
Only in a locked homemark can we be reborn.
And no one can create another locked homemark within a radius of 200 to 300 miles from the locked homemark.
There is an inconvenience of opening each lock to install the flowers.
But there are many people who can afford to be uncomfortable in order to prevent terrorism.

To ensure that other normal users play, Rust the locks on the locked homemark in a week after installation. The rusty locks will disappear in three days.

Making locks and keys means an advanced village, and there is someone in the village who is affectionate. I think this is close to the intention of the rebirth system.

Thank you for listening to my opinion.

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